Pony Rides

On Saturday June 12th at 12.00PM we are starting our pony ride program. The cost is $3.00 the horses come from Lazy P Ranch.

Come join the fun and learn about these gentle animals.


Pit Crew School

Coming Soon.

Frankie's Pizza

Ticker has a new partner!
We are pleased to announce that Frankie's Pizza will be handling all of our restaurant needs, effective June 1st! Come and enjoy new menu items and superb restaurant service starting June 1, 2010.


Ticker's News

SOCCER PROGRAMS--Every Friday afternoon at 4pm Coach Eddie Mitchell takes a session at the Boy's & Girl's Club for players that are disadvantaged.  On Saturday mornings at 10:00am Eddie has a training program for Special Olympic Athletes. For more information on both of these Programs call 828.228.3824.

Make sure you register at HDD with your email address and we will send you discount coupons on a Regular Basis. 

Fundraiser????NEED MONEY FOR YOUR ORGANIZATION? Then have a fundraiser at HDD. For $15 your supporters can have unlimited LAZER TAG, SOFT-PLAY,MINI-GOLF AND BUMPER CARS.  At the end of the day, we check the number of people that you brought with you and write a check for that number times $5.  Bring 100 People RECEIVE $500, bring 200 people and RECEIVE $1000.  NOT BAD FOR A DAY OF FUN. SO CALL 828.322.3625 to book your fundraising event. 

Corporate/Business: Book the Pepsi Conference Room for your next company event its FREE if you purchase food.  The room seats 150 people or 200 for a Party. We will LOOK AFTER YOUR CHILDREN so that you can concentrate on your business. Our trained staff are available.  We can provide all the additional accessories from music to lecterns.  CALL 828.322.3625 FOR MORE INFORMATION.